Empowering an International Community

Empowering an International Community

The Critical Slide Society, a brand based in New South Wales, devotes itself to surf culture and those who embody its alternative viewpoints

— Launched by surfers and artists Jim Mitchell and Sam Coombes in 2009, Australia’s The Critical Slide Society is a wide-ranging label and platform dedicated to surf culture and the individuals that define the alternative movement within

it. What started as a humble blog drawing inspiration from surf, fashion and art has now grown into a full-fledged brand of clothing and unique, surf-related items. Committed to empowering craftspeople and surf lovers from around the world, TCSS

collaborates with artists, photographers, designers, filmmakers and – of course – surfers who share their same passion for the water. The main goal? To develop and support an international society of people connected through surf, creativity and an open mind. The crew‘s attitude is directly reflected in their creations, which are all about effortless style, impeccable execution, unabated originality and, more than anything, a good amount of humor. After all, when it all boils down to the core of their vision, surf culture, they say, is

“less about the winner‘s podium and more about the simple joy of a deeply engaged surfing life.”

Text: Effie Efthymiadi

Photography:  Henry Cousins