Discovering “Cold Hawaii”

Discovering “Cold Hawaii”

A Danish knitwear brand reflects the spirit of a small fishing village whose every day centers around the sea

— When one thinks of surfing, Denmark is certainly not the first location that pops to mind. However, in Klitmøller, a small fishing village often dubbed “Cold Hawaii,” surf‘s up amid a raw Nordic landscape.

    The area‘s denizens have always had great respect for the ocean, as it used to be – and still is – the main source of income and sustenance for their families. Having experienced this profound connection to the natural element throughout his life, Robert Sand, a local, decided to start Klitmøller Collective, a knitwear brand that would reflect the village‘s heritage as well as his own family story. Generations upon generations of sailors and fishermen have fed Robert with heaps of inspiration for his signature woolen sweaters, which are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Solely using natural, locally sourced materials,

Robert tries to resuscitate the village‘s age-old traditions and usher them into a modern context where classic knitting patterns are up for reinterpretation. Some ideas come from old photos of fishermen in workwear, and others from personal items found in closets. Robert‘s best finds are a 50-year-old sweater procured from his father‘s cupboard and a shirt with a characteristic inside pocket intended for storing pipe and tobacco.

    More than just a clothing brand, Klitmøller Collective is about the community that revolves around the ocean and the lifestyle associated with it – the sea is the powerful glue that binds all aspects

of their lives and ideals together. “I

couldn‘t even begin to imagine a life without waves; it‘s what has shaped my

life and made me who I am today,” says the founder. In addition to water, it seems, local

history and passion for the outdoors are as closely intertwined as the threadsof Klitmøller‘s knits.

Text: Effie Efthymiadi

Photography: Peter Alsted