Thinking Beyond

Thinking Beyond

A groundbreaking documentary explores West Africa‘s lesser known surfing locations

— “Africa, despite its size, still remains a mystery to many. It seems that a faint barrier prevents us from establishing a close connection with this giant continent and its abundance of cultures. It feels like as if it lies in the past, not in the present,” writes Mario Hainzl, the director of Beyond, a film exploring West Africa‘s lesser-known surfing locations. The documentary chronicles a three-month-long journey through Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Gambia, celebrating unadulterated regions that few have experienced.

With surfing as its protagonist, the film weaves a beautiful path, unraveling Africa‘s arena of empty swells and magical wave spots while introducing viewers to a range

of cultures and unparalleled landscapes. Mario, who made his directorial debut with the award-winning film The Old, the Young & the Sea, believes lineups

are getting more and more crowded simply because the majority of surfers haven‘t really dared to travel beyond well-known destinations. Watching Beyond does what few surf films have accomplished in

the past: The evocative storytelling awakens a strong desire for adventure and a sense of wanderlust, whether you‘re a surfer or not.

Text: Effie Efthymiadi

Photography:  Judith Recher